We touched on it in our About Us page but wanted to expand on it here. We are at the start of our eco journey. As we genuinely care about the environment we are taking our product sourcing very seriously.

We take a lot of time and care when selecting brands to sell on our website.  We firstly look at the products they use.  We are always looking for sustainable, chemical free and high-quality materials when it comes to our brands. 

Next, we look at the working practices.  Many of our brands are small businesses that make products by hand.  Some of our brands are bigger and use manufacturers for producing their toys and clothes.  In this case we are looking to see that staff are treated well, paid fairly and are generally happy in what they do.  We are big fans of the #whomademyclothes movement, and we are always reviewing the ethical policies of the brands we stock. 

Lastly, we look at packaging materials.  We want all our brands to be using sustainable packing.  We are finding this harder than we ever imagined.  For the most part our suppliers are using recycled or recyclable packaging with minimum plastic.  We have struggled to get this completely with our toy suppliers who continue to use plastics in some their packaging.  This is something we are working on with them as we believe working together to create solutions will be more beneficial than boycotting them completely.  We have a small number of toys on our website that have bubble wrap or plastic display trays.  We will not restock these products until such times they become plastic free.  We ourselves, always use recycled or recyclable packaging when shipping orders.  For more information on how we package our orders, have a look at our packaging page.

We are on a journey to sustainability in both our personal and business lives.  We are constantly learning and are always open to feedback.  If you would like to get in touch with us please email martin@finnandbee.co.uk.